Chick classic french easy madeleines recipe

Madeleines are classic french pastry and they are so delicious and soft that you fall in love with them. Plus bring little French to your home. Madeleines are tasty little french butter cakes and they are best for your breakfast or afternoon tea or coffee. I personally love them in the morning.

Classic French madeleines recipe

So with this really simple recipe, you will make perfect madeleines, which French truly love. You just need a specific pan for them, but I think you will love them so much. That the pan will pay off.

Easy madeleines recipe


Don´t forget to set eggs from the fridge a few hours before you will make madeleines. It is also important to use high-quality butter because madeleines will taste better. I use classic honey, but you can also use lavender honey. But I put few lavender flowers to the batter so it makes little bit levander smell too.

I recommend to eat them in day when you make them. They are best fresh. If you do not eat them on the day of making store them in the box.

yummi french recipe for morning - madeleines



Prep time: 20 minutes

Baking time: 7-8 minutes

Yield: 20


100 g all-purpose flour

50 g sugar

50g honey

3 eggs

100 g butter plus butter for brush molds

lemon peel

lavender flower - optional



1. Preheat oven for 190 degrees. Brush molds with butter.

2. Melt butter and let cool.

3. Meanwhile, beat eggs with sugar and honey for 5 minutes with a hand mixer. The batter needs to be light.

4. Now carefully wrap the flour, lavender flower and lemon zest into the egg mixture. Then slowly add cold melt butter and mix it.

5. Let batter rest for an hour inthe fridge.

6. Than fill forms and bake 7-8 minutes for 190 degrees. When they are finished. Remove them to wire mat.

French madeleines recipe

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