Breakfast banana pancakes recipe

These banana pancakes are currently my favorite breakfast and I am sure that will be yours to. I ussualy make them at the weekend and I enjoy them so much. I am for #panckesunday always. It is time when I can slow down and enjoy some time for me and make breakfast little bit special.

Easy banana pancakes

Easy banana pancakes with cinamon

These pancakes are filled with bananas and cinamon, which make perfect combination for pancakes. If you like cinamon as much as me. If you not you can always skip cinamon in the recipe.

These pancakes are made only with 5 ingredients, which make them really easy to make. Make sure you have riped banana for this recipe.

You can also make healthier version, if you use buckwheat flour and soya milk. So they are great for vegans.

A love topped them with some jam or maple syrup and also I like add some berries. Recently I also start put on them honey, which is also great and I love it. And honey is really healthy for you.

Easy banana pancakes with cinamon

Easy banana pancakes with cinamon

These banana pancakes are:

  • Easy to make

  • Filled with banana and cinamon

  • You can make healthier variant of this pancakes with buckwheat flour and soya milk

  • Topped with some fruits or some jam, maple syrup anything you like. Try honey on it is really good!



Prep time: 5 minutes

Baking time: 15 minutes

Yield: 12


2 riped banana

128 g all-purpose four (or buckwheat flour)

175 ml milk (or soya milk)

1 tsp cinamon

2 tsp baking powder

Coconut oil or butter

Plus topping of your choise (jam, honey, maple syrup, nutella, berries) anything you like



1. Mashed bananas in bowl add flour, milk, cinamon and baking powder and mix it with whisk.

2. Put coconut oil or butter on pan on small heat.

3. Pour one spoon of batter into pan and cook on each side until brown.

4. Topped them with anything you like and enjoy your breakfast.


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