Best tiramisu cake recipe

Italian cuisine is one of my favorites. I love pizza, mozzarella and also pasta. What I also love is a dessert which comes from Italy and its called Tiramisu. I made this tiramisu as cheesecake and it is super delicious and tasty.

The first layer is made from cookies and butter. The second layer is from cream and cheese Philadelphia and sugar interspersed with savoiardi that are poured with a cup of espresso. And finally, the cake is spread with quality cacao powder. You can decorate as me cake with little chocolate decorations.

I believe you gonna love this version of Italian dessert tiramisu like me.

If some cream and savoiardi left. You can make mini tiramisu into glass.



Yield: 12



250 g cookies (lotus or any other butter cookies)

100 g butter

1 tsp cacao powder

1 tsp espresso


300 ml cream (33 %)

100 g cheese Philadelphia

80 g powdered sugar

15 savoiardi

100 ml espresso

cacao powder for decoration


1. Crush the cookies into powder. Then put into cookie powder softened butter cut into small pieces, cacao and espresso and mix it all. Then squeeze the batter into a cake form and let rest in the fridge.

2. In bowl mix cheese with sugar. And in separate bowl mix cream and that mix both mixtures into one.

3. We remove the cake form from the fridge and to cookie layer we put half of the cream and then we put on cream a savoiardi and pour them with a cup of espresso. That covers the savoiardi with the rest of the cream.

3. Then smooth the cream and sprinkle with some cacao powder at the top of the cake and let rest in the fridge at least to the second day. Enjoy!

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