Best french butter croissants recipe

Best french butter croissants recipe

Well, this is the most delicious thing I ever bake. I always loved croissants and I never thought that I handle bake them, but I was suprise by myself and it was the best croissants I ever eat.

Classic butter croissants recipe

butter croissant recipe

This recipe needs a little bit more time, but it is not something that you would not handle to bake.

I am so happy that I made these frech butter croissants and they become my new favorite recipe. So tasty.

So when you get a croissant madness as me try this recipe. It is the classic recipe for the best butter croissants and I shoot for you photos how I made the dough so it will be much more easy for you. And the time is worth it. And sorry for the photos, but I was making the croissnats at night.

delicious french croissants recipe

This butter croissants are perfect for morning breakfast, also for a snack any time of day. I really could eat them all day.



Prep time:

Baking time:

Yield: 16


350 ml lukewarm milk (not over 40 degress C)

50 g brown sugar

14 g yeast

440 g all-purpose flour plus for for rolling

1/2 tsp salt

340 g butter

1 egg



1. Mix lukewarm not hot milk with sugar and yeast. Leave in a warm place. When the leaven is bubbling you can add flour with salt and make the dough. You can make the dough in stand robot for about 10 minutes, but you can make it also by hand.

2. The remove the dough to the floured wall and continue to knead the doufh this time with your hands if you use the stand mixer. Add a little flour from time to time to make the dough smooth and a little sticky. Roll out a rectangle approximately 3-4 cm thick from the dough, wrap it in foil and allow to cool in the fridge for at least an hour.

3. Between two baking papers create from butter square badge use a rolling pin for it. The butter does not need to be at room temperature. Let cool half an hour.

After one hour removes the dough form the foil and a roll it. To the middle place rolled butter and pack into the dough like on the photo. Roll the dough and do not push the roller too much. Fold the dough into thirds and wrap it in foil. Let rest in the fridge for one hour.

4. Roll 3 more times and fold the dough back in thirds. Cool for an hour between each roll. Cool for at least 8 hours but not more than 18 hours before final shaping, then it would not rise well.

5. Roll the dough on a narrow belt 20 cm. Use a knife to cut triangles about 16. You can help with a ruler. Cut the base of triangles to 1.5 cm. Scroll the rolls from the base of the triangle to tip. Put croissant to a baking sheet lined with perchament paper leave big place beetween each croisants. You can bend the tips of the croissants inside. Spread croissants with a beaten egg with a spoon of water. Leave in a warm place about 2 or 2 and a half hours.

6. Preheat the oven for 200 degrees C and spread the croissant again with a beaten egg put baking sheet to oven and bake 18-20 minutes until are gold on top.


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