5 Ways how to make perfect morning

Hi everyone, so this is a little bit different post.

To be honest. My morning don´t look always perfect. But the time from the time I try to make my morning perfect and still learn how to make a habit from it. I think morning is an important part day for all of us because how we enjoy morning effects all day. How we will be feeling, how we will be productive. In the morning we should take care of ourselves and take time for ourselves. That positively influences our mind and make us feel more energized for a long day.

How to make perfect morning - breakfast in bed

1. Breakfast

The best way how to enjoy morning and take care of yourself is to enjoy a breakfast. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. Breakfast is for me time when I can relax and enjoy time before I start my day. I love to enjoy breakfast with my loved ones, but sometimes also on my own. I like to take breakfast out to the garden, but also when is wheater a little bit chill in a bed. There is nothing better way how to enjoy breakfast than in bed I think. So cozy with some tasty meal.

Whats help me enjoy breakfast in the bed even more:

When I have around me a nice cozy clean space because that makes me feel more relaxed and I don´t need to think for cleaning.

Some fresh flowers are a nice element, which makes a nice mood in your space even more beautiful and smell so good. They don´t need to be expensive, you can just grab some flowers, which grow in your garden, or if you don´t have a garden. Then you can grab some when you go for a walk in nature.

Also nice fresh sheets are good choise. I always love how to smell fresh wash sheets right. It is always a very nice feeling lie in newly washed fresh sheet and I am in love with bed lines from Ikea. I have them for years and they are still really soft and comfy and beautiful. Still, have their nice color. And I think they have just amazing quality and I love their simple, but cute design. I have a few different pieces and with them, I can change how my bedroom looks.

Maybe light a candle and of course, some good food like some pancakes or some homemade granola are always a good choice for me.

2. Meditation

One of my favorite things after breakfast is meditation. It helps me slow down and enjoy the present moment. Which I think is in this busy time always good.

I just meditate only a few minutes a day, but even that helps me feel more relaxed, happy and ready for a day. Daily meditation helps me relieve stress.

One tip if you just started with meditation start small only a few minutes it's better than nothing. Find some quiet place where nobody disturbs you. Listen to relaxing music. Sit comfortably. Close your eyes and focus on breathing. And just enjoy a present moment.

3. Practice

I also enjoy yoga in the morning. It helps me feel more energize and healthy. I only make yoga in the morning for 15 minutes. Just some light stretching. Or you do something else like go running. Or just walk or ride on the bike to work or school. Go out with your dog to walk. Just spent some time in nature or with some practice and do something for yourself. Because you are the most important thing in the morning.

4. Read or listen to something inspiring

I also like to read something that inspire me in the morning some blog post or read a few pages from a book. Or watch some inspiring video on youtube. Pin some pictures on my Pinterest, which help you visual your goals and dreams.

5. Clean your home

I also like clean dishes after breakfast before I leave the house, because that I can get back to clean nice home after all day. Also, make a bed or any other cleaning you need to you could back to your clean home.

Few other tips:

  • hot bubble bath with some flowers

  • pet with dog

  • enjoy tea or coffee at a backyard

  • bring breakfast to bed to your loved one

So that it. Just create your daily morning routine which will fit you must. What are your favorite morning habits? Let me know in the comments.

Enjoy your morning!

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