Hi, I´m Niky and welcome to my blog Chilly time.

Most of my days you can find me dancing in the kitchen and baking something sweet.

I want to share with you my passion for baking, photographing, developing recipes and always learning baking new desserts through this blog. 

On Chilly time you will find mostly delicious recipes focus on baking sweet treats and desserts. But life is about balance so also you can find here some healthier versions of desserts and other food recipes. 

On this blog, you can find recipes which I made at home and I 100 % love them. They are mostly easy to make.

When I´m not studying for school or blogging. I exercise yoga, walking in nature or eating something sweet.



Why name Chilly time

Two years ago I get the opportunity to move to my friend´s house along with my mom. The friend was moving and she had a dog that she couldn´t take with her. So we decide to move to this house and care for the dog called Chilly. She is a Czechoslovakian wolfdog and she is absolutely adorable. We fall in love with her.


So we care about Chilly for the year, but then we also need to move and Chilly is not used to live in a village or town because the house was outside the village so we couldn´t take her with us. Even though Chilly has grown to our hearts. The place where I currently live has a garden, but we don´t have enough money for the fence and Chilly likes to run away. Now is Chilly with friends who were able to rent the house where Chilly is, but she misses me.



So that is why I name this blog after Chilly. When I was spending time with her surrounded by nature . I felt present in the moment, free and truly happy. She learns me to enjoy small moments.